COVID 19 – Lock Down Catch Up

The Irish Times published an article on Monday, June 22nd 2020 titled “Electrical waste recycling target unlikely to be met due to lockdown” You can read the newspaper article here.

In the piece, Waste Electrical and Electronic Equipment (WEEE) Ireland chief executive Leo Donovan said, the State could struggle to meet the 65 per cent benchmark recycling target in 2020 (for electrical equipment). You can also listen to Leo Donovanon speak about the effects of COVID 19 on “Today with Sarah McInerney, just click here.

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Recycle IT – We can help!

As an electrical recycler operating mainly in Dublin, Recycle IT share this sentiment. Recycle IT reopened in mid May 2020 after 2-month of closure resulting from the COVID 19 lockdown. We are delighted to say the majority of the team remained safe during this period and many are now back at work. Recycle IT are not operating at full capacity and we are playing catchup on electrical recycling collections from householders, schools, colleges, charities, community groups and small business but we are open and happy to help.

Our service is operating under the new safety guidelines which means fewer collection opportunities per day which has the effect of reducing electrical recycling rates. We have made alterations to our vehicles to allow two colleagues to travel safely together. Recycle IT also ensure staff get regular breaks and spend less time with customers while delivering collection and drop off services. (in the interest of safety).

20200623_121828 (2)
Mixed Electrical Equipment – Recycle IT

As with most employers, we provide mask, gloves, hand sanitizer and have completed risk assessments for both collections and drop off services. Our teams have undertaken updated health and safety training which is reinforced at regular intervals. We hope this reassures potential recyclers to drop off or book a colleciton.

Recycle IT want to encourage individuals and organisations to recycle all there old electrical and electronic equipment. By recycling, you’re doing your bit to help the environment. You are preventing potentially hazardous waste from entering landfill and causing soil and water contamination. We equally remind people to social distance and maintain hand hygiene when recycling and after.

You can drop off at our facility in Clondalkin or give us a call and we can arrange a cost-effective personal collection. Collection from schools charities and community organisations remain free.

About Recycle IT

Recycle IT, is an award-winning social enterprise offering electrical, electronic and metal recycling services through drop off and collection. Services are provided in partnership with WEEE Ireland and South Dublin County Council.

Recycle IT are supported by the Department of Rural and Community Development, Pobal and Dormant Accounts and authorised by the National Waste Collection Permit Office and the local authorities across in Leinster.

For more information on Recycle IT please call 01 4578321, email or visit our website

IMG_0453 (2)
Recycle IT – Repak Award Winner 2019 – WEEE Champion

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