18 Helpful Things to Know about Recycling!

Recycling for Good

Recycle IT work to recycle electrical, electronic, and pure metal equipment Monday to Friday each week. We received tons of items and are always happy to accept more!

While recycling our teams also received a range of other items including cardboard boxes, foam packing, bags and paper, these items arrival with the electrical and metal items. Some we can reuse, most we cannot.

Recycle IT also use a variety of items in our office, staff kitchen, changing rooms, showers, and other common areas which can be recycled. After speaking with our team and reviewing what we do about recycling general items used in work and at home, we came up with “16 things to know about recycling safely“. Take a few minutes to read and please share with others!

Cardboard baled for Recycling

18 Things to Know About Recycling.

  1. Everyone in your home or workplace should do their bit to recycle.
  2. When purchasing items, have recycling / reuse in mind.
  3. All recyclable items should be clean, dry, and loose before going in the recycle bin.
  4. Do not fill one cardboard box or carton with another box or any other material, leave all loose and separate for recycling!
  5. Hard plastic tubs, boxes etc. can be reused or recycled for reuse safely.
  6. Soft plastic such as the labels on drinks or water bottles; the film on a punnet of strawberries, plums, blackberries etc.; cling film and old / damaged plastic carrier bags cannot be recycled in Ireland.
  7. Tinfoil can be recycled provided it is clean and rolled up into a ball.
  8. Crisp packets, and popcorn packets with foil cannot be recycled.
  9. Plastic bottles and cartons can be recycled. Checked if the packaging has a recycling symbol with the number ‘1’ inside; if it does, it can go in the recycling bin.
  10. Black plastic meal or vegetables cartons can go into the recycling bin and will be recycle safely If the technology at the recycling centre allows.
  11. Used nappies cannot be recycled and should not be placed in the recycling bin. Keep safe, dispose of nappies correctly.  
  12. Unused nappies (baby has outgrown the size) should not be recycled and are best going for use by family or friends with a baby.
  13. Bring a reusable coffee cup to the coffee shop to save you recylcing or disposing of a paper cup.
  14. Disposable paper coffee cups usually have a plastic film internally (unless stated otherwise) and are generally not recyclable. This will change so keep an eye out and do ask when buying coffee.
  15. When disposing of paper, manuals, books, or old letters leave the books/sheets whole and put paper into the recycling bin. Shredded or cut up paper currently cannot be detected by recycling machines; it can be too small.
  16. Paper and cardboard are recyclable once clean. If you wash old takeaway food cartons they can be recycled too!
  17. Used napkins and paper plates cannot be recycled
  18. Aluminium drinks cans are recyclable. They can be recycled alongside bottles at many bottle banks, or they can be placed in the recycling bin. Just wash them out before recycling.
Mixed Electrical Equipment

About Recycle IT

Recycle IT is an award-winning not for profit social enterprise providing collection and drop off services for all types of waste electrical and electronic equipment (WEEE) Services are offered to homes, schools, charities, and businesses across Dublin and surrounding areas. Our teams collect and help recycle a range of WEEE which includes thousands of computers, cables, monitors, microwaves, TV’s and much more.

Recycle IT services are provided in partnership with WEEE Ireland. Recycle IT are supported by Pobal, South Dublin County Council and authorized by the National Waste Collection Permit Office and the local authorities across Leinster.

Recycle IT Logo
Recycle IT Logo

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