Recycling Radiators and Heaters

According to the Sustainable Energy Authority of Ireland (SEAI), home heating typically accounts for about two-thirds of annual household energy bills, with most of the costs occurring during the winter months.

Many people are now trying to reduce the amount of energy used in homes to save money, lower the carbon footprint and contribute to a cleaner, greener environment which is crucial to living safely on earth in the future,

Homeowners are replacing old heating systems with newer and increasingly efficient systems meaning old heating equipment is discarded but radiators and heaters can be safely recycled.

Electric Heater

Recycling your Home Heating Radiators

If your old household radiators are faulty, broken or being replaced with heating systems to help reduce environmental harm, it’s worth noting the old radiators can be recycled.  Before doing anything, you will most likely need to remove the radiators from the walls and empty the radiator of water and debris. Then you can safely recycle as many as you have.  You can drop the items free to Recycle IT where the team accept cast iron and stainless-steel radiators, tubes, pipes and more.

Recycling Electric Radiators

There are certain things to consider when recycling old electric radiators. Electrical equipment that isn’t recycled or disposed of correctly can end up in landfill sites all over the world causing environmental and health concerns. Electric equipment like heaters contains hazardous substances that will leak. This then contaminates local water and soil.

Electric Storage Heater

What to do?

Recycle IT are happy to accept radiators, small heaters, and air heaters at our recycling centre where they are recorded by weight and sent for further processing and breakdown in Ireland. Electric heaters can be both fixed to a wall or mobile depending on your needs. Examples of electric heating and radiators are listed below, and all can be safely recycled.

Recycle IT accept

  • Storage heaters*
  • Panel heaters
  • Fan Heaters
  • Convection radiators
  • Infrared radiators
  • Oil-based electric radiators
  • Wall mount heaters
  • Wall mount radiators (oil or water).
Black Electric Heater Home of Office

*Recycle IT will accept storage heater bricks for recycling. The bricks are usually part of an older type of storage heater and should be removed from each storage heater before colleciton – for safety reasons. (Please see the photo below).

Recycling for Good

If you look at the electrical equipment including heaters which you use in your home today chances are that they contain at least some materials that can be recycled into something new.

The steel from your heater casing can be melted down and turned into machine parts, metal frames or new heaters. Aluminium is another metal that can be reused. The plastic surrounds can be turned into bags and stationery. Even the circuit boards contain small amounts of certain metals like silver, platinum, and palladium. So, they are really worth recycling for reuse!

Remember many radiators are almost 100% recyclable metal so the Recycle IT team are happy to accept. Heaters also have metal and electrical parts. They can be safely recycled for reuse at our recycling centre.

Storage Heaters

About Recycle IT

Recycle IT is an award-winning, not-for-profit social enterprise established to create employment and promote environmental awareness through recycling and reuse. We work in partnership with WEEE Ireland and are authorized by your local authority to provide electrical, electronic and pure metal recycling collections across Dublin since 2007. Recycle IT are fully compliant for WEEE Recycling with permit details available here.

Recycle IT Logo

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