Mattress Recycling Initiative

According to European Bedding Industry Association, up to 30 million mattresses annually reach their end of life and it is estimated that 60% end up in landfill and 40% are incinerated. However, it is reported that almost 85% of their mass can be recycled through proper disassembly. In order to help you recycle your old mattresses, Recycle IT is working in collaboration with South Dublin County Council for a limited period.

Mattress Recovery

Mattress Recovery

Our teams over the last number of years have offered a free residential mattress recycling service starting in September and running for 5 – 6 weeks. Recycle IT offer a free drop-off service and a limited number of estate collection for households located in the South Dublin County Council area.

This mattress recycling initiative allows South Dublin County Council to curtail unlawful disposal of waste mattresses and offer recyclers a free and eco-friendly opportunity to recycle. This in turn helps save valuable resources, and landfill capacity or reduces costly incineration. It really is a convenient and safe recycling solution for residents.


2022 Mattress Recycling

Our last mattress drop-off event happened in October 2021. Learn more about our 2022 Household Mattress Recycling Amnesty here.

Non-accepted items include:

  • Torn, damaged, wet, or twisted mattresses.
  • Contaminated, soiled, or infested items.
  • Futon frames, bases, or furniture (sofa beds)
  • Waterbeds or camping air mattresses

Did you know

A lot of materials used to manufacture a mattress can be recycled and used again to make other useful products. The material and components can be reprocessed into a variety of products including geotextiles, filters etc. Foams can be reprocessed as carpet underlay, gym mats etc., springs are recycled as metal scrap and clean wood (but not contaminated) can be used to fabricate chipboard, mulch, or bedding for animals.


Learn more about our 2022 Household Mattress Recycling Amnesty here.

Recycle IT

Recycle IT, is an award-winning social enterprise. Services are provided in partnership with South Dublin County Council. Recycle IT are supported by the Department of Rural and Community Development, Pobal and Dormant Accounts and authorised by the National Waste Collection Permit Office and the local authorities across in Leinster.

Our mattress recycling initiative has ceased until further notice Mattresses can now be dropped off at Eco Mattress, Dublin 11 or Ballymount Civic Amenity Site Dublin 20. There may be a cost for collection and/or recycling, so please call the site in advance.

If you have a local resident association please do contact us. Our team will record your interest and hopefully, we can work with your group to arrange a collection event for your estate later in 2021.

Recycle IT and South Dublin County Council worked with Eco Mattress Recycling to ensure safe recycling and material recovery during this initiative.

Just to note – the mattress must be ready for collection outside homes. Our teams can’t enter homes or apartments at present.

For further information please call 01 4578321 or email Recycle IT here

For details on the 2021 mattress recycling initiative, please click here.