EPA Climate Conference – May 15th

Climate Change Overview

Scientific evidence points to the fact that Climate change is happening. Climate change is in the main is caused by human activity on the earth and has greatly increased over the last 200 years. This change can have serious and damaging effects on our lives and on the natural environment in the decades ahead.

Heating of the oceans and its effects

Greenhouse gas emissions from cars, trucks, trains, power facilities, factories, and other man-made creations — rather than natural variations in climate — are the primary cause of Climate change.

Over time gases have reached a concentration level in our atmosphere. These greenhouse gases act like a blanket, trapping the sun’s warmth near the earth’s surface, and affecting the planet’s climate system.

Greenhouse gases stay in the atmosphere for a long time. Although plants and the ocean absorb carbon dioxide, they can’t keep up with all the extra carbon dioxide that people have been releasing.

Wind Energy

The Conference

We all need to do more and increasing knowledge and awareness of what we can do is a valuable first step.  The EPA National Climate Conference, in collaboration with the Department of Communications, Climate Action & Environment will take place on 15th May 2019 at the Aviva Stadium, Dublin. This could be your first step and an opportunity to learn more; to do more!

Speaker will include: Charles Sabel (Columbia Law School), Maria Vassilakou (Mayor of Vienna), Marie Donnelly (Former Director Renewables, Research & Innovation and Energy Efficiency at DG Energy, EC) and Margaret Desmond (Head of Climate Services Section, EPA)

Panel sessions and discussions will focus on Agriculture, Transport, Energy and Engagement.

You can book free here. For the conference agenda, click here

The EPA National Climate Conference is convened by the EPA as part of the National Dialogue on Climate Action. It is a Government of Ireland initiative funded by the Department of Communications Climate Action and Environment. For more details please visit the Irish EPA website.

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