Tree Week and Electrical Recycling

Whats Common to Trees and Recycling? 

The Tree Council of Ireland has been organizing “Tree Week” since 1985. Its a week of events to celebrate trees and is sponsored by the ESB in association with Coillte. This year ESB Tree Week 2016 runs from Sunday March 6th until Sunday March 13th.

Tree Week 2016 was launched by Dr. Matthew Jebb, Director of the Botanic Gardens, in the National Botanic Gardens in Glasnevin at 2pm on Sunday March 6th, 2016 and is the start of a week of events across Ireland.

Recycle IT over the years have supported a range of community groups with planters, training and guidance on growing trees in recycled Tumble Dryer and Washing Machine drums and we are delighted to see trees planted in re-purposed electrical equipment including once cherished household appliances . These drums offers a cost effective, durable and environmentally friendly solutions to planting trees in areas with limited space available such as community gardens, schools and footpaths.  We all can have a tree somewhere close!

Up-cycled Planters
Recycle IT Up-cycled Planters – Bloom in the Park

Tips for Planting Electric Trees!

Planting trees in upcycled containers is just like planting other plants except the tree and your tumble dryer drums are larger.

The best trees for containers are small and slow growing with compact root systems.  Some trees drop lots of seeds, leaves or fruits during the growing season.  so keep this in mind if you are locating planter on a patio, deck or balcony.

Look for trees that have something to offer all year  and a variety that is suited to your climate and the growing conditions in your garden area

Reused Planter
Recycle IT – Tree – Reused Planter

Different trees can tolerate shade, wind or pollution better than others.  Some of the best container-friendly trees aren’t hardy enough to remain outdoors year round except in milder climates so you may need to move the tree planter to a less exposed area during winter. Dwarf tree varieties and those with slow growth are the easiest to establish in planters. Conifers – especially evergreens – require less food and nutrients than trees with broad leaves You can learn more about planting trees by watching this video from the Tree Council 

Tree Week Events

As we move through  tree week, you will find a wide range of events taking place, from tree planting to poetry readings, something for everyone and you can learn more here. If you are interested in reusing a tumble dryer drum to plant a tree, maybe in a playground,  for a tidy town or  in a community garden give Recycle IT a call on 01 4568321.

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