Last Week of Mattress Recycling

Dispose of old mattresses – ends Oct 30th 2021.

The best and most environmentally friendly way to dispose of a mattress is to RECYCLE IT.

Today most people have heard about recycling paper, plastic and electrical equipment and more, but did you know you can also recycle your old mattress safely and soon you will have an opportunity to recycle your old mattress in South Dublin!

Many old and used mattresses end in up landfills, incineration facilities or are just dumped which is not good for the environment. If an old mattress does make it to a landfill site it can take between 50 and 100 years for that mattress to decompose during which time the chemically treated materials used in manufacturing can leak into the soil and groundwater supply.

Others are collected and end up on bonfires at Halloween which again is bad news for the environment and health of people who might be exposed to fumes from these fires.

It’s interesting to note that about 35 million mattresses are disposed of each year according to Auping, a European supplier of mattresses and related items. This figure includes mattresses used in Irish homes.

Mattress Recycling Initiative – Recycle IT

What is Mattress Recycling?

Mattress recycling involves taking apart the components of beds and reusing them in other applications. It is different then mattress refurbishing or renewal, which involves reupholstering and reselling the mattress and bed. This is always an option and reuse is preferable to recycling.

Most materials used in a mattress can be repurposed once a bed is deconstructed (about 85-90%), Recyclers are constantly developing new ways to reuse material recovered from the bedding.

  • Springs & Coils: Metal can be reformed into new items.
  • Foams: Mattress foams can be shredded and used in carpet padding, moving pads, and as a fuel source.
  • Fibres: Cotton and other fibres can be used in filters, insulation or burned for fuel.
  • Fabrics & Upholstery: Can be reclaimed for use in other items.
  • Wood: Can be chipped for mulch, reused in new products or burned for fuel.

Last Week!

Recycle IT will support free drop off days at Recycle IT in Clondalkin for one final week. Householders located in the South Dublin County Council area can drop off old mattresses for safe recycling Tuesday – Saturday between 9am and 12pm this week The initiative finishes on Saturday morning, October 30th 2021.

Recycle IT have no dates for mattress recycling in 2022. Mattresses can still be recycled at Civic Amenity Centres in your area. Just call your local centre in advance of your planned drop-off. Please click here to find a link to the Ballymount Recycling Centre in South Dublin.

South Dublin County Council Logo

This mattress recycling initiative is supported by South Dublin County Council. It helps curtail unlawful disposal of waste mattresses and offer residents a free and eco-friendly opportunity to recycle. This in turn help save valuable resources, landfill capacity and/or reduces costly incineration. It is a convenient and safe recycling solution for residents with old mattresses.

About Recycle IT

Recycled IT, is an award-winning social enterprise. Services are provided in partnership with South Dublin County Council. Recycle IT are supported by the Department of Rural and Community Development, Pobal and Dormant Accounts and authorised by the National Waste Collection Permit Office and the local authorities across Leinster.

Recycling Van – Recycle IT

For further information please call 01 4578321 or email Recycle IT here

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