Eco Meetings and Events

Meeting again!

As we all start to get back to our new normal living and working with COVID 19 we will once again arrange and book business, community, sport, and family events including formal meetings and social occasions.

It’s important to look at environmental considerations when arranging these types of events and occasions. By proactively working with service providers, we all can minimise environmental harm and achieve greater environmental wellbeing.

A green meeting incorporates environmental considerations at all stages of the meeting or event to minimise the negative impact on the environment and positively contribute to host communities. (Green Meeting Industry Council).

Meeting Coffee Break

Failte Ireland

Failte Ireland has developed a guide to help organisations and communities start on the road to running green meetings or events, large and small. These meetings and events will incorporate environmental considerations throughout all the various stages to minimise the negative impact on the environment and positively contribute to the community hosting the event or meeting.

This Failte Ireland guide is intended for any business involved in planning and/or running a meeting, conference, or event in Ireland. This will range from conference organisers, venues (including hotels), accommodation providers, catering companies, entertainment/activity providers, audiovisual/IT companies, and transport providers. The guide was prepared to allow businesses to start or continue the road to planning and running green meetings and events.

The document is a voluntary guide, and not a standard. (Click below to access).

What to Ask?

As an individual or organisation wishing to book a meeting or event, you might ask the following questions of a service provider.

Please don’t feel awkward when asking these questions, the best organisation will have no problem answering and others will learn!

  • Do you have an environmental policy?
  • I want to run a carbon neutral event; can you help me do that?
  • What are your company’s sustainability principles?
  • We take Corporate Social Responsibility very seriously in our company and we want to work with businesses that do the same. Is that you?
  • Why should we choose your company?
  • What makes you environmentally sustainable?

According to the United Nations (UN) World Commission on Environment and Development, environmental sustainability is about acting in a way that ensures future generations have the natural resources available to live an equal, if not better, way of life as current generations.

Eco-Friendly Early Morning Meeting

Service Providers

Conference, meeting, and events venues can look to this Failte Ireland business tool for guidance on how best to address potential customer questions on arranging eco-friendly meetings and events for potential customers.

With an ever increasing focus on the environment across the world, it is not surprising that the meetings, conference and events sector has come under scrutiny, in respect of what actions it is taking to add to the ever growing demand for sustainability.

To get a copy of the guide click here. Meeting and event organisers and operators will benefit from taking a look!

About Recylce IT

As part of an environmental policy and ongoing sustainabily organsations should have a procedure for dealing with its old electronic, electrical and metal equipment once it’s served it’s purpsoe.

Every part of the meeting, conferencing and hospitality sector used electronic, electrical, and metal equipment to meet the needs of customers. Once this equipment has reached the end of its first life it might be offered for reuse and if not fit for reuse it should be safely recycled.

Recycle IT is an award-winning, not for profit, social enterprise established to create employment and promote environmental awareness through recycling and reuse. We work in partnership with WEEE Ireland and are authorized by your local authority to provide electrical, electronic and pure metal recycling collections across Dublin and surrounding areas since 2007. Recycle IT are fully compliant for WEEE collection with permit details available here.

To speak with Recycle IT please call 01 4578321 or email us at here

Visit our website

Recycle IT Logo

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