UPS Battery Recycling

About Uninterruptible Power Supplies (UPS)

An uninterruptible power supply (UPS), provides backup power when your regular power source fails or voltage drops to an unacceptable level. A UPS is also known as a battery backup. Although UPSs are not truly IT equipment they play an important part in ensuring reliability. UPSs ensure a flow of high-quality power to critical IT equipment.

Old UPS Devices for Recycling

Using UPS Equipment

A UPS is not intended to provide long-term backup or extended use of connected devices for periods without power; UPS units are not designed to offer a battery-operated solution for continuing to work, use the internet, or operate your business.

Multiple devices can be plugged into a UPS similar to a power bar, and the UPS generally provides such functions as power surge protection. When a drop in voltage occurs, the UPS detects it and switches over to battery backup. Components plugged into the UPS can then receive power for a limited amount of time (often ranging from 10 to 45 minutes), until normal power is restored or the system can shut down properly.

UPS equipment can be found in offices and now homes as many more people work from home. It with noting, that over time UPS devices and internal batteries need to be replaced while older UPS units should go for safe recycling.

Your IT team or IT contractor should be able to offer guidance on when you need to replace batteries or the complete UPS device.

Different Types of Power Supply Batteries

There are three main types of batteries used in power supplies: Nickel-CadmiumLead-Acid, and Lithium-Ion. There isn’t a single “best” UPS battery technology – the choice should be made on a your requirements for a project. All can be recycled safely.

Recycling UPS Equipment

Alongside all type of IT equipment Recycle IT manage the safe collection, breakdown and disposal of UPS equipment, batteries and replacement UPS batteries in line with waste regulations.

UPS Breakdown

As a registered waste collector and permit waste facility our service helps ensure that all the legal requirements associated with the collection, transportation and disposal of waste batteries and electronic components are fully complied with.

The majority of UPS systems for recycling are older systems with at least ten years of usage. Those sent for recycling are replaced by higher efficiency and more compact systems. Uninterruptible power supplies are generally stripped down within our facility into their subassembly parts. Metals and plastics are recycled, including electrical cabling, capacitors and fans. PCBs and components are recycled safely and in accordance with national guidelines covering WEEE and RoHS.

Batteries from UPS equipment

For more information about our ups battery recycling service, please contact a member of our team @

More About Recylce IT

Recycle IT is a Social Enterprise providing employment and training through recycling opportunities. We offer recycling drop off and collection services in Dublin and surrounding areas.

In 2021 our team help recycle 652 tons of waste electrical, electronic equipment and metal. This includes business IT equipment, commercial equipment and domestic household appliances.

Recycle IT worked with individuals, resident associations, charities, schools, government organisations, community groups and businesses to provide safe electrical recycling services to those with differing needs and budgets.

Read our annual overview here.

Read more about social enterprise in Ireland here.

Team Recycle IT at Work

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