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Painting can create something beautiful and helps stimulate creativity while helping reduce mental strain and boosts a sense of accomplishment once complete. As we know, reducing metal strain can aid a happier, healthier lifestyle and helps improve overall mental health.

From an environmental viewpoint, water-based and oil-based paints can contain hazardous materials and should be managed safely once you are finished using the standard buckets, cans, or aerosol cans (spray paint) trays and brushes Paint is regulated as hazardous waste so handling and recycling paint correctly is essential to environmental well-being.

Household Paint for Reuse or Recycling

The National Paint Reuse Network

The National Paint Reuse Network was launched in late 2021 and has been going from strength to strength! Yearly in Ireland, 2,000 tonnes of surplus paint are exported for incineration. The National Paint Reuse Network plans to reduce this waste by encouraging paint reuse through redistribution to local community initiatives and individuals with painting projects at home!

The Network, set up by Rediscovery Centre, Dublin supported by Ireland’s three main waste management planning offices. The three regional offices are:

The paint reuse network aims to provide training and best practice guidance on the reuse and remixing of water-based paints while also facilitating networking and collaboration between members.

The Rediscovery Centre based in Dublin has been working on paint reuse in Ballymun since 2007 and will facilitate and support new projects wishing to replicate paint reuse across Ireland.

Just Finished Painting – Recycle Safely

Roger Warburton, Programme Director at Rediscover Centre said ” we set up the network to support new projects to get off the ground, build a support network, provide technical expertise that encourages more paint reuse across the country and provide used paint for people to buy and locations for paint they cannot use to be donated. We’d encourage any organisation or local authority interested in paint reuse to get in touch.”

All colours of water-based non-hazardous paints for internal walls and ceilings can be donated and reused.

All paint should be donated at Civic Amenity sites or Recycling Centre as soon as possible to preserve quality.

Donating Paint for Reuse

Please note that Civic Amenity sites each have their own criteria for paint donations, including a charge for paint donation. Some sites do not accept paint donations. Please check with your local civic amenity site for more information and click here to see 12 civic amenity sites working to accept paint for reuse.

Buying Paint for Reuse

The Paint Reuse Network provides quality paint at a great price. The reused paint produced is non-hazardous and water-based for internal use on walls and ceilings and the quality paints are available in a range of colours that can be tailored to individual needs. The small cost per litre contributes to the cost of providing paint for reuse services across Irish communities, reducing the environmental impact of paint disposal in Ireland. It allows paint reuse organisations to provide ongoing training opportunities within their communities. Click here to see the location from which paint can be purchased.

Establishing a Paint Reuse Project

Membership to the Paint Reuse Network is open to any group, individual or organisation operating a paint reuse initiative within Ireland. They need to commit to the values and vision of the network. Network members are provided with networking, training, technical guidance, policy and legislative support, communications & business development advice.

For further information and guidance on Household, Harazous Waste click here

Learn more about social enterprise in Ireland with Conor Pope from The Irish Times, click here

Painting awaiting Reuse or Recycling

About Recycle IT

Recycle IT, is an award-winning social enterprise offering electrical, electronic and metal recycling services through drop off and collection. Recycling services are provided in partnership with WEEE Ireland and South Dublin County Council. Recycle IT’s goal is to create training and employment opportunities through the provision of waste management services. Surplus earned income is reinvested in operational, and employment-related costs.

Recycle IT – Collection Van

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