European Week for Waste Reduction

A Week in Winter

As Christmas is fast approaching, we are reminding householders repurpose, reuse and repair can reduce waste and save money you money in the process.

You can make a start during European Week for Waste Reduction (EWWR) which runs from November 18th until November 26th 2017. This European-wide project focuses on reducing waste, how to reuse products and recycle materials in all European Member States.

This year’s thematic focus is “Reuse and Repair: Give it a new life!”, aims to inspire appreciation for products and resources, and adding new value to old things.. Its worth noting that with greater reuse and repair will come reducations in the use new natural resources and less carbon emssions.


The initiative aims to promote the implementation of awareness-raising actions about reduce, reuse and repair during a single week. It also aims to encourage a wide range of audiences including public authorities, private companies, civil society and you, the citizens to get involved.

  • The EWWR’s objectives are:
    • to raise awareness about waste reduction, product reuse and material recycling strategies, and related European Union and Member States policies,
    • to highlight the work accomplished by EWWR participants,
    • to mobilise and encourage European citizens to concentrate on four key action themes,
    • to reinforce EWWR stakeholders’ capacities by providing them with targeted communication tools and training,
    • to assess the impact of communication actions on concrete behaviour change regarding consumption and waste management patterns.

You can take part of the EWWR in three different ways:

  1. Action developer: this is for public authorities, associations, NGOs, businesses, educational establishments, another bodies or individual citizens interested in carrying out an awareness-raising action on waste reduction, reuse or recycling during next EWWR
  2. Participants: this is for an individual or a group wanting to participate in an action taking place during the EWWR
  3. EWWR Coordinator: this is for a public authority competent in the field of waste prevention, interested in coordinating the Week in your area

Read more about how to take part here.

More about European Week for Waste Reduction

To learn more or get involved in European Week for Waste Reduction please visit the website

About Recycle IT

You can email Recycle IT here, call our team on 01 4578321 or visit our website to get more information.



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