The Secret Life of Appliances

Amazing Figures for recycling in 2017

Its New Year 2017 but our story starts in 2005 when an estimated 33.2 million washer appliances were produced in the European Union (EU). 18 million of these were washing machines 9.7 million were dishwashers and 5.5 million were tumble dryers. (Source: Energy: Studies for Eco-Design) This means on average 1 in 12 EU citizens purchased a washing appliance in 2005.

Fridge Unit for Recycling – Recycle IT

If we look at this in a different way, it now just over a 11 year later (the average washing machine life) and a similar number of people should be recycling their old washing appliance in an ecofriendly way. This included 1.18 million families located all over Ireland. (CSO 2012). In 2013 Irish people recycled 19,463 metric tonnes of large household appliances include washing machines. On average the approx weight of washing machine is 75KG so that’s alot of recycled washing machines.

Waste Electrical and Electronic Equipment (all types)

WEEE is a complex mixture of materials and components and if not properly managed, can cause environmental and health problems. Moreover, the production of modern electronics requires the use of scarce and expensive resources

In 2013, the amount of Waste Electrical and Electronic Equipment (WEEE) collected varied considerably across the EU Member States, from 1.2 kg per inhabitant in Romania to 18.4 kg per inhabitant in Sweden. The considerable variation in the amounts collected reflects differences in Electrical and Electronic Equipment consumption/purchase levels as well as the different performance levels of the waste collection schemes in place.

A comparison of WEEE collection in 2007 and 2013 shows that separate collection has improved significantly in most of the countries. Decreasing amounts for WEEE collection were reported by only seven EU Member States including Ireland where the level of separate collection was already high so Ireland is still doing very well. (Source: eurostate)

Computers in 1.3 Million Households

It was reported in 2012 by the CSO that 83% of households in Ireland, which translates to approx. 1.37 million homes have a computer. Its also means in 2016/2017 these same households will have a computer to recycle as PC’s are usually replaced every 4 ½ years. The replacement rate was confirmed by a survey, carried out by Crucial, which polled more than 1,000 PC owners aged 16-70 in the US, France and the UK.

Recycle IT - PC Recycling
Recycle IT – PC Recycling

PC’s, laptops, phones and tablets can contain toxic substances, and are effectively hazardous waste so recycling with a reputable organisation is important. Ireland has laws and directives governing recycling and lots of authorized recyclers but still computer waste finds its way to developing countries. This is alarming and means electronic goods are disposed of in some instances with no care or concern for the world’s environment.

Recycling with thousands of homes and organisations.

Recycle IT is a social enterprise offering recycling services to over 100,000 homes, as well as community organisations, charities and businesses across Dublin. We recycle Waste Electrical and Electronic Equipment (WEEE) including washing machines, dishwashers, heaters, microwaves, ovens, computers, monitors, refrigerators, freezers, batteries, lights and much more.

List of Appliances
Recycle IT – List of Appliances

We are happy to help you recycle the items list above and any other electrical items you may have.

Stress free collections or drop off

The team at Recycle IT believe electrical recycling does not have to be hard or stressful and in fact it can be a real positive for the environment, for communities and for the economy.  Recycling reduces the use of natural resources, it creates employment and brings communities together through collection events or recycling days resulting in cleaner and happier places to live.

Recycle IT offer a range of safe, helpful and friendly electrical recycling services including free collection and drop off service. Businesses can avail of collections and free WEEE to Work days can be arranged.  If you have an immediate need Recycle IT can provide a cost effective personal and business collection service within a few days and we can assist with lifting and moving your appliances or IT equipment.

Recycle IT work in association with your local authority and are partners with WEEE Ireland in recycling any item with a plug or battery. Our work helps create and offer training and employment opportunities for people returning to work.

To learn more please visit  You can telephone 01 4578321 or email  Recycle IT is located at Unit 14/2 Crag Terrace, Clondalkin Industrial Estate, Clondalkin, Dublin 22.

Recycle IT - Pakman Award Winner 2016
Recycle IT – Pakman Award Winner 2016

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