Mattress Recovery – A positive outcome!

During late October and early November 2020 Recycle IT implemented a Mattress Recovery Initiative which lead to safe recycling of over 1000 mattresses.

Mattress Recovery Event – Drop Off
About Mattress Recycling

Once planned this initiative was offered over a 4 week period in partnership with South Dublin County Council. Recycle IT used recycling experience, existing contacts alongside additional resources to offer this recycling opportunity to residents across South Dublin.

As you are aware, mattresses are manufactured from a range of materials, including wood, metal, fabric and plastic, all of which can be recycled once they are separated. it is reported recovery rate can reach 95% for recyclable bed materials.

Mattress Drop Off – D24

Mattress recycling operators such as Eco Mattress in Dublin 11 take mattresses apart by hand. As they are being dismantled, materials are sorted and segregated. Some materials are baled for storage and transported for further refinement and reuse.

Materials recovered include metal springs, wood, fabrics including cotton felts, foam and a variety of plastic. Wood can be reduced to chips and steel sent to steel recyclers. This is all worthwhile and keep mattresses out of landfill.

Today material recovered can be:

  • Reused in new mattresses,
  • Reused in other products, particularly upholstery,
  • Recycled for use in new and unrelated products, or
  • Processed for incineration with energy recovery.
What was Achieved

Recycle IT offered 22 event days across South County Dublin and recovered approximately 50 mattresses per day resulting in a total of 1065 mattress recovered and recycled safety. Recycle IT created 3 additional employment opportunities over a 4 week period and allow people in homes to declutter easily with recycling events offered Monday – Saturday over a number of weeks.

Recycling in the rain

Recycle IT also hosted a number of combined recycling days where both electrical equipment and mattresses were collected for recycling using different teams and vehicles. These events were also supported by volunteering which is core to community engagement.

Once received mattress were transported to Eco Mattress where they were broken down into component parts for reuse or safe disposal.

We want to thanks South Dublin County Council for their support and residents for coming out and recycling safely. The initiative is now over for 2020 but may take place again in 2021. If so, we will let you know in advance.

WEEE Recycling

At present Recycle IT are working to recycle waste electrical and electronic equipment alongside pure metal equipment from homes and organisations in Dublin. If you need a cost effective collection please call 01 4578321 or email us! Remember it’s free to drop off household and small office items to Recycle IT. You will find directions here.

Electrical Recycling – Recycle IT

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